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The Elite Community Gazette - November 2021

All the latest in November 2021! Stay up-to-date on events, competitions, and updates from our gym!

Legion Sports Fest

Wow… there are no words to describe the recent Legion Sports Fest! We had so many athletes show up and give it their all, and we are so proud. Elite even came home with the Championship Belt for having the most athletes in the comp!

October, 2021 Elite Most Dedicated Athlete:

Marilyn Kelly! (25 Sign-ins!) Runner Ups: Isa Pasillas (23 Sign-ins) and Kai Carl (22 Sign-ins)

We asked Marilyn about what motivates her to train…

“I could write you a full paper about what motivates me to train. Long story short working out at Elite has changed my life. It has healed me. Through training I have become a better, healthier, happier, stronger, confident, and more motivated person. I have overcome some serious health issues and have advanced further than anyone thought possible. I have met and bonded with some of the coolest and most driven people I know. I found happiness through taking care of my body. I feel amazing. I get to wake up every day in a body that I love, which I have created. All of this plus much more is what motivates me to come in every day. Each day presents the opportunity to better yourself, stay the same, or fall behind. I choose the better yourself option!

Plus, it gives me an outlet for my competitive drive! I love whooping some ass! Haha

Other Updates From Our Gym: -THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE: Thursday (Thanksgiving Day): Open From 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Boxing/CrossFit class at 9:00 AM Friday: CLOSED - Enjoy your rest day! Saturday: Regular Hours

1.) With taking both boxing and CrissFit classes weekly, do you feel you benefit from one more than the other? Or are they both equally beneficial?


Taking both boxing and CrossFit classes, I believe both to be equally beneficial. They both test you and push you to your limits in different ways. Every class is a challenge, showing me I am capable of so much more than I thought. When I think I can’t or I’m too tired or it’s too heavy, I remind myself that I got this and push through. Seeing my ability to finish the workouts makes me excited to work on lifting five more pounds or do five more burpees…yep burpees lol.


Taking both CrossFit and boxing - they are both very beneficial in their own way.

They are both… how can I say it? HARD. They both challenge you mentally and physically. Training in both classes I’ve been able to knock down some personal mental blocks which now allows me to push myself more and more as each days passes. They have both made me want to become the best and strongest version of myself.

Boxing helps builds endurance and teaches you how strong you truly are. Learning how to protect yourself with your own body!

CrossFit has helped me with mobility and building up my strength. I’ve learned how to use my body in ways I didn’t think I could while holding a whole lot of weight.

2.) Has the gym helped you girls reach some of your fitness goals you have in life?


Coming to this gym has helped me not only to stay on track and stay motivated working towards my fitness goals but has also made me set new goals for myself, trying new things. No comfort zones here. The support we get from the coaches, the community here is encouraging, motivating and inspiring, makes me believe I can achieve any goal I set for myself.


Yes, this gym has definitely helped me reach some of my personal fitness goals. The environment in this place is immaculate! Being surrounded by these positive, driven, strong, kind humans is such an awesome and rare thing to find. Pushing me to stay motivated and encourages me to become a better and stronger version of myself. One of my fitness goals was to find someone that helped me keep going. Discipline has never been my forte and hopefully that’s my next step in this fitness journey of mine. Being pushed too far has always led to me giving up. But I have definitely found something that has taught me that “I can do this. I can finish. One more rep. One more minute. Just keep swimming!” This is definitely just the beginning and that’s what Elite has helped me reach. A starting point.

3.) If you were to recommend a first class for someone new, would it be boxing or CrossFit? And why?


My first class at Elite was a boxing class and it made me want to come back and see what else it had to offer. I would definitely recommend for anyone new coming to Elite to try a boxing class, it is both mentally and physically challenging. I enjoy boxing because it literally pushes me to my limits, takes me out my comfort zone and makes me realize that I can do more than what I thought my body capable of. For me just seeing the improvement over the weeks, that I can do things that seemed too difficult or impossible at first, I’m glad I went to that first boxing class and then got to try CrossFit. Now I have to do both! Gains for days!!


If I had to recommend a first class it would be CrossFit - not because it’s easier… absolutely not… but because in CrossFit you have this space to really figure out your strengths, what you can and can’t do. Boxing is more of a pushing someone in a pool so they can learn how to swim. After learning how to do so it leaves a feeling of accomplishment and feels so rewarding but of course after the mini heart attack of thinking you’re drowning. There’s no other feeling like success.

But At the end of the day you definitely can’t go wrong with one or the other. Both making you feel euphoric and on top of the world. And remember like one of the boxing coaches said to me… “it’s not supposed to be easy!”

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