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The Elite Community Gazette - January 2022

All the latest in January 2022! Stay up-to-date on events, competitions, and updates from our gym!

We asked Greg what keeps him motivated...

Elite: "What gives you the motivation to wake up day after day to make sure you start your day off with a work out?"

Greg: "If I knew I'd bottle it and sell it! But honestly Elite is just a great way to start the morning, from people to work outs, it just brings out the best in me. Sets the tone for the rest of the day."

Other Updates From Our Gym We will be CLOSED Thursday and Friday - January 13th and 14th. The contractors did not install the flooring correctly, so they will be fixing it during these days.

1.) How old were you when you were first introduced to boxing and what made you get into it? - I was in eighth grade, I got into it due to my grandpa being a boxing judge, and my uncle was a boxer when he was younger, so I had family roots in the sport 2.) How has boxing impacted your life? -Boxing has impacted my life by keeping me out of trouble and teaching me discipline and responsibility 3.) What is your greatest takeaway from coaching? -My greatest takeaway from coaching is that everyone learns at different paces, and that sports like boxing can give a person structure and purpose in a world that most young people struggle with finding meaning, or a sense of accomplishment Click here to learn more about Coach Jarred and opportunities for personal training with him!

There will be four weeks of group workouts starting January 31st through February 25th! Each week there will be workouts focused on specific areas of the body, developed to build muscle, and improve cardiovascular health. Each workout you will learn correct body movement, as well as be pushed to reach high intensity!

Also included is a personalized nutrition plan created for your body and your goals. Included in the nutrition plan is a grocery list, a guide to macro’s and tracking them, personalized macros, and a sample day of meals. Nutrition is the foundation for optimal health. Without proper nutrition, your body won’t look the way you want it to, nor will it function at its highest potential. The nutrition plan is there to teach you about healthier foods for your body in the right quantities to reach your goals.

The goal of the challenge is not to reach your goals in record time. This challenge was created to help you work towards your short-term goals, while also building healthy habits to reach those goals and continue once the challenge is over. Life is about constantly learning and growing, while living your best life the WHOLE DANG TIME! This month is about you, your body, and your mind; let’s challenge all of that!

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