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The Elite Community Gazette - December 2021

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

All the latest in December 2021! Stay up-to-date on events, competitions, and updates from our gym!

We asked Bri how long she has been doing CrossFit and what keeps her motivated:

I started CrossFit in 2015 and have been at Elite for about two and a half years. The community has always been my strongest motivator. I absolutely love the people I have met through the gym. I'm constantly surprising myself hitting new weights and personal bests. The workouts are hard everyday, but I would change a thing.

Other Updates From Our Gym HOLIDAY HOURS December 24 (Christmas Eve): Closing at 1:00 PM December 25 (Christmas Day): CLOSED December 26: CLOSED January 1 (New Year’s Day): CLOSED STAY TUNED next month for fitness camps to get a jump start on the New Year!

1.) You’ve taken a good amount of both CrossFit and boxing classes through your time here at Elite. Do you feel the gym has helped create a bigger passion for both sports?

— My time at Elite has definitely grown my passion and my respect for both sports, I had a little bit of a CrossFit background before I came to Elite and I really enjoyed the competitiveness of it but had no real experience in boxing and it was more challenging and technical then I thought. Then as I started getting better and paying attention to professional I really grew to respect it!

2.) At the beginning you were taking both classes almost equally and now, in the past few months you’ve strayed towards boxing. How has boxing effected your fitness compared to CrossFit?

— I definitely feel that my fitness has improved in a overall sense and I definitely see the improvements in my boxing abilities, but I know that if I came back to CrossFit I wouldn’t be close to where I was when I stopped. They are such a different stimulus and there is so much to work on for improvement in both sports that I had to choose one to commit my time and see what kind of results I could get!

3.) A few coaches and members have noticed you sparring more and getting a little more competitive. Does this mean we get to see you in the ring someday?

— My goal is to get a couple fights under my belt at some point, when that is though is hard to tell. Timing hasn’t been on my side the last couple things we’ve come across, so I’m trying to stay consistent so when there is a prospective fight I can be ready!

“My primary goal with physical therapy and body work for athletes at Elite is to keep you mobile and doing what you love. My goal is to never tell you no but give you the tools and advice to prevent further injury. If you are consistently working out and "abusing" your body in a healthy way- whether it be me or someone else it is very beneficial to add body work into your "self care". Whether it is every 4 weeks or 8 weeks to keep your body loose and moving to prevent riccsk of potential injury or compounding an injury (for example chronic hip flexor pain, restricted lats). Most importantly , always use me a resource as needed even if it is just a quick question, I am always available to help keep you moving and on the correct path.”

—Ellen Devine

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