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Nutrition Consulting

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1 hour face-to-face consultation (Or Video Conference)

Food journal

Evaluate goals

Address challenges

Calories & macros based on your goals

Anthropomorphic measurements

(Weight, height, BF%, BMI)


15 Minute Phone Check-In

Assess food journal

Address challenges

Tips to improve habits

Stay on track

Your life

Create lasting change

Feel better and have more energy

Strong discipline and healthy habits

  • Body composition goals

  • Weight/Fat Loss

  • Weight/Muscle Gain

  • Improved Fitness

  • Sport/Athletic Goals

Just $130/month

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The Coach/Nutritionist: Tosca

My career in nutrition and yoga began with an insatiable pursuit of optimizing the human experience; unleashing our full potential for as long as possible. I quickly realized this is best done holistically not only by focusing on the biochemical processes that are fueled by nutrients, but also by finding a balance between cultivating strength by pushing ourselves to our limits, and fostering mental fortitude & peace with moments of stillness & reflection. Additionally I realized that each of these are engaged in constant reciprocal determinism whereby our body, mind and nutrition influence one another, leading to our own personal experience of health.


I started my path by gaining a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Nevada, Reno and going on to pass the Academy exam to gain licensure in Dietetics. I furthered my “western” studies in Ireland by earning a Master of Arts in Health Promotion and passing the National exam to gain Health Education credentials. My “eastern” path started in 2012 leading me to an Ashtanga-focused 200-hour yoga teacher certification in Cork, Ireland and a Hatha-focused 500-hour certification in Goa, India. I’ve since studied Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and various anatomy & biomechanics courses in Ireland, Switzerland, Nepal, Peru and the US.


In my spare time I’m on my yoga mat, walking, cooking, traveling or researching new information with a particular interest in optimizing biochemical processes and the expression of genes through nutrition & supplementation, physical activity, and calming our stress responses. Underlying all this is my dedication to helping others live their best life, finding their unique purpose within the longest health span possible, and, as ideological as it sounds, I truly believe that if we focus on what’s best within ourselves, it will organically radiate outward and we’d want the best for others and our planet as well, making self-actualization a win-win for all.